The soaring documentary ‘The Eagle Huntress’ tells a heartwarming, intimate story of gender rebellion

As unlikely as it is enchanting, “The Eagle Huntress” tells its documentary story with such sureness that falling under its sway is all but inevitable.

A major crowd pleaser at Sundance, this portrait of a 13-year-old girl from Asia’s Altai Mountains who defied eons of tradition by learning to…

NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory marks its 80th anniversary

It was Halloween 1936 when seven young men convened in the San Gabriel Mountains to turn the idea of a working rocket from fantasy to reality.

That effort helped usher in the Space Age and marked the founding of one of the world’s leading centers for robotic exploration of the solar system, NASA’s…

L.A. Chamber Orchestra’s impressive guest conductor leads homage to Tim Burton, ‘A Freak in Burbank’

Facing the imminent departure of music director Jeffrey Kahane, who steps down in 2017 after his 20th season, the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra has hosted a string of superb guest conductors including Matthias Pintscher, Karin Canellakis and Peter Oundjian, giving the search committee plenty to…

Mobile devices in the bedroom rob kids of sleep, study says

Good night, sleep tight, and don’t look into that tablet light.

Dads and moms who are concerned about the quantity and quality of their children’s sleep should keep mobile devices like phones, tablets and laptops out of kids’ bedrooms, according to a new study published Monday in JAMA Pediatrics.